Friday, 22 July 2011

Wesbite update and new work...

Recently, I have completed a few more pieces of personal work. The first, on the left, is a piece about procrastination; all the things you do instead of doing work. Having a cup o' tea, playing on the PS3, looking at facebook, messing with your phone etc.

To it's right, is the second most recent piece I have done. It's entitled 'planets' and is an illustration of the 9 (yes thats right, 9) planets I learned about when I was a child. Pluto was still officially a planet when I was a space obsessed child and indeed indigo was still a colour, but that's another story. I have entered it here in the Space Exhibition competition, run alongside the Cardiff Design Festival.

Both, alongside a few others have been uploaded to my website, which I recently tweaked here and there. Check it out here...

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