Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Repackaged and Represented

Recently, I realised that my portfolio needed a little refreshing. Instead of producing lots of new work, I started to look through all the old illustrations I had discarded or fallen out of love with. Some just didn't seem like my work any more, some had colours I had grown to dislike, were composed badly, were at poor resolution or I just simply didn't like. So I decided to make some changes.

The work I selected for recycling was by and large work where I thought the idea was pretty solid but had a crummy manifestation, like the piece above to do with the expense of 3D movies or below of a newly discovered Shakespeare play.

To see more work visit my website here. If you go to the about section you will notice that I am now represented by BRAND NEW agency Rare Bird, which is pretty pukka! They currently represent a whole handful of talented folks and are well worth a look if you are after some mid evening inspiration.

Otherwise, there are other parts of the internet that are fun too, like Dogs in Top Hats. That's well worth a look.