Friday, 22 July 2011

Wesbite update and new work...

Recently, I have completed a few more pieces of personal work. The first, on the left, is a piece about procrastination; all the things you do instead of doing work. Having a cup o' tea, playing on the PS3, looking at facebook, messing with your phone etc.

To it's right, is the second most recent piece I have done. It's entitled 'planets' and is an illustration of the 9 (yes thats right, 9) planets I learned about when I was a child. Pluto was still officially a planet when I was a space obsessed child and indeed indigo was still a colour, but that's another story. I have entered it here in the Space Exhibition competition, run alongside the Cardiff Design Festival.

Both, alongside a few others have been uploaded to my website, which I recently tweaked here and there. Check it out here...

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Totems Are Coming Home

Recently, I was contacted by Lisa from inkygoodness and asked if I could contribute an image to an exhibition of their Character Totem project. Having recently been to Berlin, the exhibition- featuring totems designed by very talented illustrators and designers including McBess, Matt Saunders and Toy Factory to name but a few- is now coming back to the UK for a short stint at the Zellig Gallery in Birmingham. The exhibition will be opening to the public on Thursday 21st July.

Along with life size totems such as the one designed by Toy Factory (above), there will be live drawing from Matt Saunders, Kris Jones and Crim Collective, the exclusive launch of AMMO #7, live music, stalls and most importantly of all, BEER!

I was asked to create a piece of art based on the totem theme. Above is a preview of the print, an adaptation of a piece I did earlier in the year for the Publisher's Club 'Totummy' zine. I wanted the image to be taller and more colourful, so I devised a colourful grid-like structure.

More images will be uploaded nearer the time of the exhibition as well as photographs from the opening night. But for now, here are the event details. Hope to see you there!